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Any image you like can be added to the lightbox. Click on any thumbnail image. This will open a bigger sized version of this image which can be added to the lightbox. You can add as many images to the lightbox as you like in this way. Enter the lightbox via the navigation bar or the specific button at the bottom of each page. Here you can further refine your choice by discarding images you do not want and keeping the ones you are interested in purchasing. From the lightbox, you can issue an order inquiry form, where you should specify the intended use, image size and other details. This inquiry is of course without any obligations on your part.

Images can be sent in the following ways:

Digital images:
Images are sent in all standard graphic file formats. Please specify accordingly when placing an order. Images are provided in JPEG format if there are no special requests. The files are either from a Canon 1D Mark II digital camera or 4000 dpi scans from 24x36 mm slides. The digital images are sent on CD, via ftp or email. The price shall be fixed upon agreement depending on purpose and extent of the use. For editorial use, the rates of your publishing house are usually accepted.

Original slides:
In case you request original slides for your production, the original 24x35 mm slides are sent to you via mail/courier.

The images displayed here are a short selection from my archives. If there is any special motif that you are searching, please let me know, and I´ll get in touch with you within shortly.

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